The Future of Fermented Foods

Fashionably Pickled

Fashionably Pickled

Fashionably Pickled


The Future 0f Fermented Foods

Fashionably Pickled, LLC is ready and able to provide value-added services to the pickled food industry.  These services are individually tailored to meet each company’s current needs and create future opportunities.  Services include:

Cost Analysis  

  • Yield Studies

  • Carrying Cost TY vs. Finished Goods

  • Energy Differentials

  • Reuse/Sustainability

  • Employee Safety

  • ROIC

  • Calcium vs Sodium Cost Differential


Engineering Needs

  • Tank Yard Design

  • Seasonal Product Flows

  • Equipment Options

  • Plant Design

  • Line Layouts

  • Cost Estimates

  • Equipment Order/Deliveries

  • Equipment Installation


Environmental Significance

  • Review Wastewater Permits

  • Compliance Issues – NPDES Permit

  • Ground Water

  • Storm Water

  • Treatment Plant

  • Sludge Upgrade to Compost

  • Zero Waste Processing

  • Customer Sustainability Reports


Food Safety/Research

  • Challenge Studies

  • HACCP Plan

  • Traceability

  • FSMA Updates

  • Tank Yard Security

  • Starter Culture Options

  • Grant Proposals


Manufacturing Considerations

  • Relish Production Options

  • Batching Schedules

  • Production Plans

  • Staffing

  • Cutting/Sort Out Potential

  • Chip Production Options

Quality Strategies

  • Customer Issues and Requirements

  • Test Packs

  • New Formulations

  • Reduced Sodium Options

  • Taste Panels

  • Defect/ Bloating Improvements

  • Monitoring Options

  • Reporting and Record Keeping



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