The Future of Fermented Foods

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The Future of Fermented Foods

Fashionably Pickled, LLC represents the experience and expertise of recognized industry expert – Lisa Moeller.  She has over 30 years experience working with major pickle companies.  Fashionably Pickled, LLC provides the food industry with new and improved methods for creating better food products.  In addition to providing assistance with traditional fermentation technology, I am also able to help companies replace sodium chloride (salt) with preferred calcium ingredients.

My Experience

With extensive experience I am able to improve the efficiency and safety of any food processing plant.  My particular focus is on providing the pickled food industry with updated technology and production processes based on calcium fermentation and other techniques.

Lisa Moeller

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Lisa Moeller is the daughter of Robert and Elsie Moeller.  She grew up with her brother and sister during the 1960’s in San Francisco, California.  At seventeen, Lisa moved to the Sacramento Valley and received a BS in Agronomy from the University of California at Davis.  Upon graduation she interned with the Dow Chemical’s Herbicide Division.  She then worked in the Midwest with DeKalb Swine Breeders before being transferred to North Carolina.   In 1988, her daughter Kelly was born.  Lisa began work at a local pickle company where she was employed for 25 years.  Her son Kyle was born in 1992 and both children were raised on her farm in the country.

In 2012, Lisa received a Master of Science in Food Chemistry from North Carolina State University.  Her research project involved evaluation of hamburger dill chips packaged in plastic versus traditional glass containers.  Her journeys have taken her around the world.  She went to Morocco to study how globalization is affecting women in Africa; she visited Costa Rica to study coffee and cacao production and India to better understand the procurement of pickles and peppers.  She has been to Europe on several occasions to learn more about where her great grandparents were born.

From watching her grandmother reuse the waxed paper in Rice Krispie boxes as a child to being a panelist at Duke University’s Sustainable Business and Social Impact Conference in 2012, there has been one theme – improving quality of life through heightened environmental and social consciousness.  Her passion and talents lie in taking all the lessons learned through time and space and turning them into meaningful projects with attainable goals.  She is optimistic about the potential impacts she can have on the food industry through partnerships with Fashionably Pickled, LLC.  She still lives in Mount Olive, NC and can be contacted at:

[email protected]

My Values

Fashionably Pickled, LLC strives to adhere to the most rigorous ethical and environmental standards.  My core values define my brand,  business strategies and the cultures in which I thrive.  I am determined to promote food safety, quality and production efficiencies while being committed to sustainability, innovation and excellence.