The Future of Fermented Foods

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Fashionably Pickled

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The Future of Fermented Foods

A-FERM® is the name of a patented “Quick Pickle Fermentation Cure”process that makes it possibe to achieve a shelf stable fermented product in a short period of time using no salt (sodium chloride.)

Application/Patent Number

  • US                                             9,585,415

  • EU                                          14853455.5

  • Canada                                    2,931,935

  • Hong Kong                   HK17102308.4

These patents cover all fruit and vegetables that are modified before the fermentation process by pricking, piercing, dicing or slicing.

Lisa Moeller owns the patent rights for all vegetables other than cucumbers and for cucumbers that are cut smaller than 1 cm.2

If you are interested in the patent in the US it can be accessed at the US Trade and Protection Office

Or contact Lisa at [email protected]  

The process of producing fruit and vegetables using the “Quick Pickle Fermentation Cure” we refer to as A-FERM®.

A-FERM® is a revolutionary way of preserving and enhancing crops all around the world.


Pepsi and Coca Cola have campaigns to reduce plastic in the ocean.  Quick Service Restaurants (QSR’s) are promoting the improvements made to reduce waste amongst their suppliers and franchisee owners.  Schools are teaching the 3R’s; reuse recycle and reduce.

We can see plastic, measure energy efficiency, and reduce material wastage in the supply chain.  We cannot see salt, sugar, or many other compounds once they have dissolved in water.  They can and are negatively affecting the environment they are being introduced to in the traditional fermentation process.

The sodium in the salt disrupts soil structure and restricts the lands ability to retain necessary nutrients for vegetative growth. Sugars and other organic compounds create anoxic conditions in water and limit aquatic life in the streams, lakes, and waterways in which it flows.

A-FERM® is a fermentation process capable of helping companies attain “zero waste.”  We have one planet, a growing population, and a responsibility to act responsibly.

Food Quality and Safety:

Food safety must be planned for and executed every minute of every day.  The products we produce must be done so in a responsible way.  The A-FERM® process provides a higher level of inherent food safety than traditional vegetable fermentations.

By initiating a rapid conversion of sugar to acid in an optimally designed environment; the process is controlled, not “wild.”    When the pH drops below 4.6, the process is protected against botulinum toxin production.

By culturing with the best strains of lactobacillus plantarum, the pH drops quickly, and the entire fermentation is complete often in less than 48 hours.

The ingredients and flow of products can be more easily traced with the A-FERM® process.  We have performed shelf-life studies, collected chemical and physical data.

The most enjoyable tests have been the sensory analysis.  Panels have been used to determine the acceptance of popular items in a new way.  The results are undeniably wonderful.


Versatility of the “Quick Pickle Fermentation Cure”

The A-FERM® process was initially designed for the cucumber/pickle industry.  Rapidly fermenting and flavoring hamburger dill chips and relish adds value to the finished products.

Cabbage, jalapeno, green tomato, cauliflower, and carrots, likewise, ferment well and allow for the creation of improved finished products.

Jalapenos can be produced, sulfite-free, shelf stable and with a preferred low acid brine.  White cabbage, green tomatoes, cream colored cauliflower, and bright carrots can all be A-FERM® processed.  Eaten alone, on pizza, nachos or sandwiches and as an ingredient in your favorite recipes.  Raw commodities can be bought during peak harvest and preserved sustainability for enjoyment throughout the year.


The demand for ready-to-use vegetables is widespread.  The “Quick Pickle Fermentation Cure” process allows for this to happen in a significant way.  The innovation added through the A-FERM® process allows shelf stability of fruits and vegetables in a short period.  By reducing the sugars through fermentation, the product is protected against spoilage.

My grandmother used to fill her root cellar every fall with preserved fruits and vegetables.  She was the best at never letting anything go to waste.  She would be proud of the A-FERM® products.

A-FERM® is truly a process that creates value.  It takes nutritious vegetables and makes them even healthier.  Sugars are converted to compounds that are good for you.

Producing traditional foods to the expectations of the 21rst century is an exciting challenge and opportunity.  Shredded and sliced A-FERM® carrots “fit this bill.”  Carrots were first grown as a medicine and not as a food.  Today they are a leading vegetable all around the world.

The Future of Fermented Foods